Wedding Decor

Hi Titas!

My Tito is Cuban and I am Puerto Rican, so for several weeks, we were discussing where we would celebrate our wedding as we live in United States. Although the wedding is for the couple, you also have to consider your guests and how the location will affect them financially-wise. We came up with 3 destinations: Mexico, Dominican Republic and Florida. Both Mexico and the Dominican Republic were eliminated, because although the packages they offer are fantastic and affordable, not all guests, especially the family, were able to afford paying plane tickets and lodging. For Florida, the places that interested me, were very expensive and we had a strict budget as we wanted to splurge in our honeymoon. Cuba is not a possibility because of job-related issues, and with much happiness (as I wanted this but wanted to be “fair”), we decided Puerto Rico.

I hired Vanessa L. from Aristía Events, to be my wedding planner (@aristiaevents). When booking a wedding planner, you have 2 options: you can hire them for planning from start to finish or just for the day of the wedding. I chose the one day planning, not only because is cheaper, but because the wedding was so simple I thought I could coordinate everything. Let me tell you, BIG MISTAKE. It is very difficult to coordinate such an important event while having a job, living out of state and not knowing all the suppliers. Vanessa took care of every detail and helped me throughout the process; she is the best!

Our Budget?

$10,000 and we spent less than that!

Ceremony: Beach. I always dreamt of having sand on my toes and a beautiful ocean for the background. BUT, It’s kind of pricey as it costs $ 1,500 because a permit from a Government’s office is required.

Reception: Océano Restaurant. We had a cocktail wedding, which basically means a party with unlimited alcohol and hors d’oeuvre. In addition, they served soup and cake. By doing this, we eliminated a lot of expenses, such as the cost per plate/silverware/tables/chairs/decorations and much more. Juan Carlos was the events manager from the venue and he was excellent.

Cake: Naked wedding cake made of Guava and Cheese by Vanessa Caro. DELICIOUS. It was so moist, so fresh, everybody loved it.

Decoration: Completed by Patricia Lorraine. I just sent her what I had in my mind and the budget, and she created everything perfectly. She provided chairs, tables, flowers, candles, and even a photo booth. Have you seen my bouquet?

  • I used Fiesta in a Box (@fiestainabox) for the fun and personalized props. The service was excellent and I received exactly what I wanted.
  • The wooden sign was made by my best friend’s dad.

Music: For the ceremony we chose Bomba (Jomar Abrante) and for the reception it was a Steel Band (Siglo XI). We were on the beach, so we needed the tropical vibe from beginning to end.

Photo/Video: Jay Sierra (@jaysierraphoto)

For the wedding dress info, click here; for the makeup info, click here. Hair was done by me! The jewelry is from Nordstrom, the headpiece is from Etsy and the barefoot sandals are from Amazon.

Everything was a dream come true!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information.