Hello Titas!

Of all the cities in Colombia, you may ask, why Bogotá? It’s simple… because I found cheap plane tickets. As you know, it is tradition to visit some part of the world for my birthday and 2019 was no exception. I visited Google Flights to do my “research”.

What I normally do, is I put a random country in the destination section or verify the suggested trips that the page automatically provides so I can narrow down my options. I also play with the dates to see when is the less expensive time to go there.

Colombia has always been in my bucket list so I gave it a try to check the prices. I was surprised when I saw the prices for Bogota and Cartagena were quite accessible. Cartagena was at $ 330 roundtrip and Bogotá at $220. Not knowing which way to go, I contacted my Colombian friend @laveloza21 to help me with the decision making process. After comparing prices (cost of stay / meals / drinks) and giving me more details about each city, we ended up choosing the capital, Bogotá.

For this flight, we travelled with Spirit Airlines and as I had already explained in a video that I shared in social media, the tickets are cheaper, if buy them at the airport. & when I mean by cheaper, is 40 bucks cheaper.

In summary,

Tickets were $160 roundtrip per person from 
Tampa to Bogotá with a layover at FLL.
5 days in total. 

How I see it is, if for two months I save $ 20 on a weekly basis, I can scratch off another place from my bucketlist. Go, save, motivate yourself and travel!

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