Hello Titas!

Colombia’s food is delicious and cheap! The conversion rate of the US dollar to Colombian pesos is in our favor and that’s why is cheap to us, americans. Try to bring cash with you so are able to manage your money better. You can use your credit card, but just be cautious and use your judgement on where to use it.

Restaurante Colombia

  1. Plantain chips with beet sauce
  2. Empanadas Colombianas (turnovers)
  3. Beer Club Colombia
  4. Sobrebarriga Chorreada (there’s no translation to that, sorry)
  5. Ribs in beer suace

It’s recommended to order a bottle instead of single drinks because it’s cheaper. In my opinion, if it’s only you and someone else, drinks are fine.

@ Gaira Café

Room Service at the Bioxury Hotel. As you can see, we ordered pasta, pizza, Greek salad, 2 tomato soups and 2 bottles of water. (BTW, only drink bottled water)

We visited Andrés Carne de Res in Chia. I ordered my favorite drink, Pisco Sour, and had the best meat ever! It was delicious!

I could not leave Bogota, without tasting the famous ajiaco (photo on the left). Ajiaco is a typical Bogotá chicken soup based with a variety of root vegetables. It comes with white rice and a slice of avocado on the side. The right picture is a tamale and it was also delicious. I usually don’t like tamales, that’s why I don’t even order them, but all the reviews said it was a must and it did not disappoint. @ La Puerta Falsa

In addition to the food, public and private transportation is also very inexpensive. I walked most of the time, but as an alternative, I used UBER and the rates were from $ 1 to $ 6. If you are interested in learning more about the buses (which are called colectivos), contact me to share you the information.

& If I haven’t convince you of saving $ for your next trip, just fyi their coffee is rico, rico!

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