Do you pack three huge bags for a weekend trip? It’s like when it comes to traveling you need to pack all the nicest things, “just in case”. Nonetheless, there are two problems with overpacking: you will spend a lot of money on luggage fees and you will waste time wondering what to wear for your outings. With this service, I’ll be able to pack your bags (virtually or in person) with ready to wear outfits. As it’s a personalized service, the packing could be completed as you wish, in a backpack, carry-on or checked bag.

What to expect?

  • In person* or virtually consultation**
  • Discuss trip itinerary
  • Closet audit
  • Ready to wear outfits for each activity of the trip
  • Makeup and jewelry recommendations
  • Lookbook with styling tips

*bags will be packed for you.

** lookbook completed with all the specifics for your bag