One day in Heidelberg: Best things to do

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Heidelberg is a city located in the northwest of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. There are many interesting attractions, but if you have little time or you are the type of traveler who is very specific in your explorations, visiting this beautiful city for 24 hours will be enough.

You can take the train, bus or drive to Heidelberg, but the price will depend on where are you located. I’ve seen prices starting at $ 12 round trip *. There’s no airport in Heidelberg, Germany.

If you are driving, I recommend you make two stops that are relatively close to the city.

1. Schloss Schwetzingen – 7.9 miles from Heidelberg

This palace is distinguished by its beautiful architecture and gardens. The entrance is 5 Euros * and the tour takes about 1.5 hours. On the outskirts, there are several restaurants, cafes and shops. There are several parking lots in the area but they’re not free.

2. Heidelberg Thingstäte- 4.7 miles from Heidelberg Old Town

Thingstäte is an open-air theater built in 1935 where different events were held. It has a capacity of 20,000 people. The space is impressive and breathtaking. It is recommended to arrive by car since it is on a mountain and the walk from the city can take more than an hour. You do not have to pay admission nor parking.



It’s a historical market square, home to the Gothic Church of the Holy Spirit in addition to many restaurants, shops and cafes. Here there are several parking lots and they have an additional cost.

2. Heidelberg Castle

The palace or castle is of medieval origin and its construction started in 1214. It is located on a mountain and its beauty can be seen from any distance. You can arrive walking or taking a funicular. The hike is steep and has several steps. I did the hike and I promise you, I will never do it again. The funicular is located in Kornmarkt and is included with the entrance ticket, which costs 8 Euros*.

In addition to the castle, you can visit the pharmacy museum. It is included with your entrance ticket.

The funicular that takes you to Heidelberg Castle can also take you to Königstuhl (King’s Chair), the highest point in the city. I recommend that you visit it when the weather conditions are favorable, for example, without fog or rain.

3. Karl Theodor Bridge

Known as the old bridge is located above the Neckar River and was built in 1788. It connects the old town of Heidelberg with the Neuenheim district. The contrast of the water and the architecture is just spectacular. It is a pedestrian bridge and there is no fee to enter. Here is also the famous monkey statue. According to legend, rubbing the mirror will bring you money; you’ll return to Heidelberg if you rub his fingers and rubbing the little bronze mice nearby will bring you fertility. Guess which one I rubbed?

4. Philosopher’s Walk

In the Romantic Period many philosophers appreciated this path due to its natural beauty and amazing views of the city. It is located in the northern part near the Neckar River and you can easily put the name on your GPS and it will give you the exact location. You can by car or walking and there’s no entrance fee. I recommend that you visit it in Spring or Summer where you can sit down and appreciate the surroundings.

5. Karzer

Karzer was a student prison. It was used for several years, until 1914 and was for students who committed certain offenses. Some of them were: disturbance of peace, insulting officers and even drinking alcoholic beverages. Incarceration could last from 3 days to 4 weeks. They allowed you to go to class and then you had to go back to prison. I think I would have been in prison too If I was in that college.

The entrance costs 3 Euros*, but they have hours of operation so prepare your itinerary accordingly if you wish to visit it.

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The University of Heidelberg was founded in 1386 and is the oldest in Germany.

There are unlimited options when it comes to eating, drinking and having a good coffee. I recommend using Google to see images and comments of the different restaurants and choosing what best works for you.

I went to Hans im Gluck, which is a burger restaurant.

For coffee I went to Le Fee Bar Cafe; they also sell desserts.

Clearly there are more things to see in Heidelberg, but here is listed the most famous ones. If you any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

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*Information verified on January 2020