As (almost) everyone knows, I got married! I’ll be sharing all the wedding details as soon as I receive the official photos. Today, I’m sharing with you how the honeymoon started because if there’s no drama, there’s no tita!

On July 1, 2019, around 3:00 a.m., my phone started ringing until it woke me up. I checked and it was a notification from the airline that the trip from San Juan, PR to Miami, FL was cancelled. The flight was in a couple of hours, at 10:00 am to be precise… I immediately had a mini heart attack. But, because we responded so quickly, we were able to book another flight (with no charge) and now our flight was at 9:00 am. Since everything was resolved, I went back to sleep thinking everything was fine. Little did I knew, that was just the beginning of cancellations for that long- a$$ day.

In Miami, FL, we were going to take another plane to travel to Madrid, Spain. Initially, this layover was 3 hours, but it changed to 4 hours. While we were waiting, we received another notification. The flight to Spain was delayed as a passenger got sick and they had to turn back to Madrid. Now, instead of leaving at 5:00 pm from Miami, we were leaving at 7:45 pm. You will think, “almost three hours is nothing.” Well, YES, it is a lot, because, we had ANOTHER connecting flight in Madrid, and it was for our final destination, Tenerife (Canary Islands). The flight to Tenerife was supposed to leave at 10:45 am and now that was the exact time we were landing in Madrid due to the delay. At this time, I had 3 heart attacks and 15 seizures. I was not even able to contact the airline that was supposed to take us to Tenerife as their offices are in London and they were closed (because of the time difference). C-R-I-S-I-S.

I researched online to see if there were other flights and nothing. I tried to change the flight online and nothing. I called half the world to see if anyone knew what to do and nothing. The last option was to send my mother-in-law my personal information and ask her to call the airline and make the changes for me while I was on the flight. We got on that plane, not knowing what awaited us when we landed.

We land and the first thing I do is check my phone. Guess what? Nothing could be done. Apparently, that airline is Spirit’s sister and Frontier’s cousin. The only thing the airline could do is allow us to change the ticket for a 100 fee per person (in euros), if we arrived to the gate in or less than an hour of the departure time of our flight. We had to be there at 11:45 am, otherwise we would have to buy a new ticket. We ran a 5k, took a train, a bus, until we reached the corresponding gate, since Madrid airport is literally a word. We arrived at 11:42 am!!! The only flight they had available was for the next day at 6:00 am. Without further ado, we bought it for a total of 200 Euros ($ 225.70 USD).

Now, the question was: what are we going to do and where are we going to stay? We were tired and dirty (almost 24 hours flying). I checked TripAdvisor for a SPA and found one with good ratings. I called to ask if they had showers and to book a massage. We got an UBER and drive there. After an hour of relaxation and a good bath, we booked a little hotel, left our bags, and went wandering through the streets of Madrid to begin our “relaxed” honeymoon.

PS. We were able to change the arrival date of the hotel in Tenerife.

What I learned?

  1. Buy tickets with the same airline.
  2. Pay for travel insurance. (always read the small letters)
  3. In stressful situations, take a step back and make decisions with your head and not with your heart.
  4. Do not listen to any songs by Tego Calderón (PR rapper) since he was the person responsible for the plane to be delayed.
  5. After you solve your problem(because everything has a solution), enjoy EVERYTHING to the fullest.

Don’t you agree I need to write a book ASAP?

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