Lifestyle Blogger in Lakeland, FL

Hi Titas!

My name is Gretchen, creator of Titalowbudget, and I just moved to Lakeland, FL!

Titalowbudget is about how to live your best life without breaking the bank. Here we talk about everything: fashion, hair, travel, food, home decor, and so much more. All information shared is for you to choose what best works for the lifestyle you want.

As I recently moved to this beautiful city, I took as my responsibility to show you everything Lakeland has to offer- on a budget. I will share about restaurants, bars, activities, museums, landmarks, and everything in between. And you guessed it… all the deals and free things will be the main focus.

Are you excited? Because I am!




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*If you’re a business in Lakeland and want to work together, please email me at*

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