How to wear a monochromatic look?

Hi Titas!

I am not a big fan of dressing “too matchy-matchy”, but I really like the monochromatic trends. Although the concept is that you wear your clothes from head to toe with a singular color or similar shades, you can also choose to only do it with some parts of the outfits. This is an example:

Here I used a turtleneck sweater and a dress with the same blue tone and combined it with black leggings and boots. Actually, I was really lucky with the blue, as I bought the two pieces separately.

I bought that blue dress a long time ago. Let me show you how different it looks when you change accessories.

Would you even think this is the same dress as the first picture I showed you?

You can create a monochromatic outfit with any color you want. Please take into consideration, a color that compliments your skin tone so that you can highlight your beauty even more. You can combine a sweater with a dress as I did or a shirt with pants, a skirt or even use pieces such as blazers or kimonos.

Get inspired!

Just a reminder- the most important thing when you’re getting dressed, is that you are comfortable and happy with what you decide to put on.