How I packed all my outfits in 1 bag

Hi Titas!

The only way to pack a 10 day trip in a backpack is by doing #titarecycle. You will ask yourself then, what titarecycle means? Well, titarecycle is being able to wear your clothes multiple times in different ways. It’s literally reusing and recycling your clothes.

 In addition, #titarecycle is a way to help the planet since you are using what you have in your closet instead of buying things all the time.

For my first night in Paris, I wore this:

The top is actually a strapless dress but I added this white tulle skirt.

On that same weekend, I wore the white tulle skirt, but this time as a dress:

The second evening in Paris, I wore this dress:

The next day I went to Belgium, but because the weather was cooling down, I decided to wear extra layers with the same dress. I added a white shirt and leggings.

I wore this outfit while visiting Montmartre:

During the evening, I added a black sheer shirt and changed accessories to that same orange dress:

For the rest of the trip I wasn’t able to reuse the same clothes, but I had other pieces of clothing that did not occupy too much space in my bag.

In order for you to be able to pack all your outfits in a backpack, as I did, you need take these factors into consideration:

  • Weather of the country you’ll be visiting
  • Itinerary with specific places and activities
  • Access to washer/dryer or time to wash by hand
  • Choose 2-3 shoes for the whole trip
  • Get informed with all the airline restrictions

If you want to know details about the outfits or you need help with packing, contact me!



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