Hello Titas!

Where do you stay when you travel? For me, it depends on several factors. For example, whom I’m travelling with, which country I’m visiting and my expectations for that trip. Let me explain, if I travel with a friend #titalowbudget, I know we can sleep under a bridge and no one would complain, unlike traveling with a titahighbudget that she would only stay at the White House. If I travel to Pakistan (not offense), believe me that I will not be staying in an airbnb. If I want to just relax and not do much, then I stay in a nice hotel where I’m expecting to be fed with grapes while I’m resting in the pool. Now, do you understand what I mean by factors?

Traveling with Tito (aka the fiancé) is almost like traveling with the President of the United States. In other words, he wants to not be disturbed but treated like a king and stay in the most secured place in that country. And Colombia, like many countries, has a profile of an unsafe place due to the high level of crime and terrorism. BUT, don’t let that scare you or stop you from going, you just need to educate yourself and respect the culture. One thing I recommend is that before you buy tickets for any place in the world, check the US Department of State website. There, you’ll see if there are any travel advisories. You can even subscribe to receive notifications from the US embassy in that country you’re interested in visiting. The program is called Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) and in addition, you can add your personal information and the details of your flight and the U.S. embassy will try to reach you during an emergency overseas.

Now, where to stay in Bogotá? My Colombian friend, @ laveloza21, informed me of the best areas to stay. The two areas are: Barrio La Soledad or Parkway. La Soledad neighborhood (more expensive) you can find apartments and hotels, plus you will be near a shopping center, bars, and restaurants. Parkway (more laid back) you will find ​​theaters, coffee shops, banks, pharmacies, but it’s not that close (walking distance) to the nice bars. My advice is to go to Google Maps and zoom in both areas so you can see what they have around and decide which one will meet your needs.

We chose the Bioxury Hotel. It is a 5 star hotel conceived with a BIO concept that demonstrates that the balance between ecology and elegance is possible. “u-la-lá”. 

The hotel was $93 per night. 

Breakfast is included and the location was perfect (walking distance to bars, restaurants, stores and a market). It has a rooftop where you can appreciate a spectacular view of the city and a Mediterranean restaurant in the lobby, Gitano, with some exquisite plates.

I embraced my Pretty Woman moment!

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