10 days in Europe: 1st stop Paris

Hi Titas!

When my husband told me he had to go to Belgium because of his job, you know I was already packing my bags.

Since I was mentally there, now I had to plan how I was going to get there {financially-wise}, the places I would visit and of course, the outfits for my adventures.

I bought the plane tickets first. The flights from Tampa to Belgium are quite expensive, so I searched for other destinations on that part of the world. The cheapest flight I found was from Tampa to London, nonstop, totaling $ 300 round trip. Because traveling in Europe is so cheap, I did not mind arriving in London, as I knew I could find a good deal from there to Belgium.

As you might know, $300 airplane tickets means the cheapest option from that airline. They are going to charge you for everything, even for breathing if they could. However, if you don’t want to pay anything extra, follow these steps:

  1. Don’t choose your seat. Let the airline choose your seat when you check in.
  2. Don’t pay for food. Prepare some snacks at home and bring them with you. For water, brin an empty reusable bottle and fill it out after you pass security.
  3. Don’t OVERPACK. Read the restrictions from the airline regarding size and weight of your personal bags and stick to those guidelines.

For this trip, I packed all my outfits in a backpack. Here’s the video in case you don’t believe me:

The trip was for 10 days and I was arriving in London on Thursday. I decided to travel to Paris that same Thursday, just a few hours later, to stay there for the weekend and then, on Sunday, go to Belgium by train.

This is my second time visiting Paris, but the first time alone, so I took it upon myself to do an itinerary with things I hadn’t done before. As soon as I got to the hotel, I took a shower, and I walked around the area until I found a place to eat dinner.

The restaurant I chose was full, but they let me in and sit at the bar as I was by myself.

The only bad thing about being alone is that you have no one to share the food nor the bill with. When it comes to eating out, you have to choose which of the three meals of the day will be where you will spend the most, so that you can coordinate accordingly and not be broke. For example, if you are going to eat a strong breakfast in a restaurant, then your lunch can be a sandwich and dinner a pizza or salad.

On Friday I decided to do a “shopping tour” with a local, a service I got at AirBnb. Basically, you pay to have a friend to accompany you to the stores for a few hours. As in all cities, there are tours that are paid and free, but I recommend that if you are going to pay for one, it is for something that you are really interested in and that you cannot do alone.

Then I wandered through parks, streets, libraries, enjoying my own company.

That Friday night my husband surprised me in the hotel and we were able to enjoy the city of love together!

As you can see, we did a lot of things in that short time. In the next posts, I will be sharing the outfits I used for the rest of the trip and all the places I visited in Belgium.

If you need help planning your next trip or to pack your bags, please contact me!