Trip booked, now what?

Packing your bags can be stressful, overwhelming and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if someone can manage the luggage for you?

No more stress on what to wear

No more overpacking

No more overweight bag fees

This is how the process will look like…

  • You choose the service that works best for you

  • Fill out our short and simple questionnaires

  • We hop on a 20-minute call to set up all the details

  • I get to work on your packing (virtual or in person) while you relax

  • Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go!


When you book a Packing service, you’ll also get a Personalized Packing Checklist so you can…

  • Confidently know everything you’ll need and will be taking to your trip
  • Not leave anything behind when it’s time to come back

Ready for your first stress-free trip?